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There would be controversy when an engineer admitted that the song was pre-recorded, as there would be 21 years later when a Beyoncé relied on a backup track for President Obama's second inauguration.But the overall effect Houston's rendition of the centuries-old song had on the country, when the world was on edge, was far more enduring than any does-it-matter-As we know, she does an uncanny Whitney Houston impression—and when she covers the legend's songs live, she does so with reverence and utmost grace."Honored to be paying homage to my angel," Grande tweeted before performing a medley of Houston songs before ABC's Of course, none of the tabloid headlines mattered once Houston was gone.The singer went to Brandy's side to celebrate her 33rd birthday and mourn the death of his former girlfriend, Houston, early Sunday morning.Ray J attended Ne-Yo's pre-Grammy Midnight Brunch alongside sister Brandy after hearing the news that Whitney Houston had died.

Whitney Houston may have known about what many now in the public are just finding out about: that her daughter Bobbi Kristina is mired in a torrid love affair with a young man, Nick Gordon, whom she brought to the household and later adopted as her son ten years ago.Ray J made his first public appearance since the news of Whitney Houston's death on Saturday afternoon.Ray J sought solace in sister Brandy, whose birthday just so happened to be the same day as Houston's passing.screw up in front of millions have done because the noise in the actual stadium makes it fairly impossible to hear cues. 27, 1991, and sang "The Star Spangled Banner," albeit into a dead microphone as the recorded track played, and the crowd was awestruck by what they heard coming out of the speakers.NFL execs heard it, thought it was too slow and asked for a redo—but there wasn't time. Houston's bluesy, soul-packed version became a top 20 single and was all over the radio, i Tunes still being a decade away.

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She went through bumps and bruises in her career, in her life, whatever the case may be, he wrote on his official Web site. When asked for a comment by reporters, one of Ray J's companions said, Nothing right now.

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