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"Hatcher is always working against the good looks that have made her an Internet-downloading favorite, in order to convey both Lois' steely ambition and smitten confusion." The online popularity to which Tucker referred came at the peak of Lois & Clark 's popularity, and just as the number of home Internet users began to surge on a monthly basis.

Hatcher reacted graciously, and Arnold later apologized profusely.Not long after her National Football League-halftime show appearances had ended with the season, she traveled to Hollywood with a friend in order to provide some moral support during a casting call.Hatcher wound up winning a part herself, as a mermaid dancer on The Love Boat, an ABC primetime staple nearing the end of what had been a hugely successful run.Hatcher also portrayed another schemer in Heaven's Prisoners, as the wife of a mob boss played by Eric Roberts; Alec Baldwin also starred in the Louisiana bayou drama.Eager to expand her television career as well, Hatcher wrote an episode of Lois & Clark, but felt it was time for a change, as she told Daily News writer Bob Strauss in mid-1996.

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Also wrote an episode of Lois & Clark, and starred in the road tour of Cabaret, 1999.

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