Validating non validating parser xml

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Validating non validating parser xml

In fact, most parsers used to create DOM trees are actually using SAX to do it!This tutorial demonstrates the construction of an application that uses SAX to tally the responses from a group of users asked to take a survey regarding their alien abduction experiences. XMLReader; public class Survey Reader extends Default Handler happen, but there is, of course, always the chance of problems with the data that you're trying to parse.Analysis can get started immediately, rather than waiting for all of the data to be processed.Also, because the application is simply examining the data as it goes by, it doesn't need to store it in memory.

The examples in this tutorial, should you decide to try them out, require the following tools to be installed and working correctly.

The standard means for reading and manipulating XML files is the Document Object Model (DOM).

Unfortunately this method, which involves reading the entire file and storing it in a tree structure, can be inefficient, slow, and a strain on resources. SAX allows you to process a document as it's being read, which avoids the need to wait for all of it to be stored before taking action.

In general, SAX is also much faster than the alternative, the DOM.

On the other hand, because the application is not storing the data in any way, it is impossible to make changes to it using SAX, or to move backwards in the data stream.

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