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Use validatingtype

On the other hand, if you have a partially filled out phone number, the Include Prompt And Literals and Include Prompt values will include that prompt character.That means Include Prompt And Literals will be (212)-123-_while Include Prompt is 212123_.If it finds any invalid character, it simply ignores it (without raising an exception).For example, if you have the phone number mask (000)-000-0000, the best way to set a phone number through the Text property is like this: masked Text Box.For more information, see the Remarks section of the Masked Text Box class.

You can set the mask for a Masked Text Box using one of several prebuilt choices at design time.When you select a mask from the list, the mask appears in the Mask text box.You can try out the mask in a sample Masked Text Box using the Try It text box.Mask: (999) 000-0000 | 0 Use Validating Type Preview: (îi Q _-_ Mask: (999) 000-0000 | 0 Use Validating Type Preview: (îi Q _-_ Figure 18-7.Choosing a mask at design time You can also set your own custom mask, either by customizing a mask in the Input Mask dialog box, or writing one from scratch. All the characters that follow will be converted automatically to lowercase as the user types them in.

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After you drag and drop a Masked Text Box on a Form, the Masked Text Box looks like Figure 1. The following code snippet adds a Masked Text Box control to the current Form.