Updating to 1 1 3 om a jailbroken iphone Sex cam mate

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Updating to 1 1 3 om a jailbroken iphone

We realize that it has been broken for quite some time now, and we'd like to apologize for any inconvenience.

Also, due to the extended down time, the system has garnered a months-long backlog.

s=21 i OS 11.4 SEP IS COMPATIBLE with i OS 11.3.1 If you have any questions, join our discord server: https://discord.gg/jb i OS 11 has been a rough version for the world of jailbreaking and I feel like it is now gaining momentum.

Sure, WWDC18 is just around the corner but updates won't roll out 'till Fall so we still have a lot of time to enjoy our jailbreaks.

Apparently, i Phone 5S / i Pad Air 1 / i Pad Air 2 can produces DFU nonce-collision, so it maybe will work on any device (hopefully). I would be happily to see another result from you on any device and i OS.

Anyway, i manage to collect all Ap Nonce in DFU Mode on my 5s i OS 11.2.6 and got collision about 6-7% ~ About 411 Ap Nonce collected, almost 800 times pressing home power button and for god sake it really painful.

This is only to showcase what the flair looks like and draw attention to this announcement post, and I will be removing the flair from myself after awareness of the flair has gained enough attention.After seeing coolstar's recent tweets, I still think it's best to stay jailbroken on my phone but I was incredibly eager to go to 11.3.1 after hearing the news this afternoon. If you're debating, what is your device and it's version?Basically I am an avid show watcher and would love if I could stream amazon to my TV via my phone instead of having to Boot my pc up and then chromecast from there, A app or a cc toggle to kind of mirror the phone to chrome cast would be really handy!I don't know, but as far as i know The DFU mode is in fact part of the Boot Rom / Secure Rom, so it can only be patched by Hardware. Too bad my Ap Nonce i OS 10.x blobs saved doesn't match with Ap Nonce device generated in DFU Mode. To avoid many posts about whether or not you should update, we are making this thread to combine all those posts.So it's too late to play with this, because you need to save blobs with this method first. Don't know, but as far as i know this two device has a bug nonce collision. For users on i OS 10: https://twitter.com/ibsparkes/status/1001561517962289152?

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