Updating the lync 2016 address

Posted by / 05-Feb-2020 18:49

When the user clicks on the "Address Book" button, a 'Search People' windows opens up. If you search for a particular name, it finds the person and behaves normally.

Or even if you search the first character, you get all the people who's name begin with "A" etc.

This client looks nearly identical to the previous version but has a few tweaks (most prominently a Lync Server branded background).

Is there any way I can force a manual update of the Offline Address Book (OAB) in Outlook or reset it completely otherwise?

In Outlook 2010 and previous, it is recommended to leave the option “Full Details” enabled.

In Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016, you’ll find that this option is no longer available as full details are also used to build the Contact Card.

The Lync Phone Edition client now has two different interfaces.

First, the original touchscreen-based client which started in OCS on the CX700 and was updated for Lync.

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