Updating escd success

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Updating escd success

Apart from the BIOS password cracker (which didn't work for my computers, doh), I'm missing a tool to zap the CMOS RAM.

I wrote such a little cutey ages ago and would like to contribute it to the collection.

This applies mainly to early motherboards, more commonly referred to as "legacy" equipment.

Some motherboards have a BIOS which allows you to delete the ESCD information from the BIOS after an older legacy card has been removed from the motherboard.

If you receive a message "updating ESCD...." you can the also manually "reset" the configuration of the computer's ESCD.

On some motherboards operating with EDO memory you can also try Enabling the EDO DRAM install option which is found in the Chipset Features section of the BIOS.

It is a brand new Gigabyte motherboard with AMD 790X chipset and an AMD Phenom II processor.

Its main use is for corporations to manage and track PCs they have purchased.

Some OEMs also use DMI tables to store information used preactivate Windows installations.

This has, for the most part, been eliminated in the Pn P Bios releases.

Most generally, those computers equipped with the Over Drive® processor diagnostics will verify this before the installation of the Over Drive processor as it checks to see if the ESCD addresses are being aliased to the 4 GB memory range.

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DMI stands for Desktop Management Interface and is the part of the BIOS that makes it easier for the operating system to get device information, etc.

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