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The radiolarians belong to the supergroup Rhizaria together with (amoeboid or flagellate) Cercozoa and (shelled amoeboid) Foraminifera.Nassellaria and Spumellaria both produce siliceous skeletons and were therefore grouped together in the group Polycystina.They have significant differences from later radiolaria, with a different silica lattice structure and few, if any, spikes on the test.) in sea water dissolves their fine skeletons made of silica, destroying their delicate structure, seen as fractured scattered pieces under a microscope.This is linked to periods of heightened volcanic activity.The Radiolaria can therefore be divided into two major lineages: Polycystina (Spumellaria Nassellaria) and Spasmaria (Acantharia Taxopodida).

Although New Dynasty is a new group, the two artists are very familiar with each other. I was cool with Vasco and when I got back from Germany in 2007, he asked if I wanted to start a crew with him called Jiggy Fellaz. What was the reaction of fans to this new version of Uptown? I heard about it through one of the interviews you did with Carlos. We wish him much success with New Dynasty and all of his future endeavors.Both artists left UPT in late 2010 and are now set to debut as New Dynasty. They would come up to me and were like, “I loved your song My Style,” and Chan and I would look at each other and tell them straight up that we ain’t make that song and that the old Uptown did . Are you considering releasing any solo projects at some point? I actually got solo songs and have a solo album I did back in the days. Also check out New Dynasty’s Official Website and their You Tube for updates.Maniac’s flow is typically fast, which is evidence of his Midwest influence and upbringing, and his deep voice makes him stand out on tracks that he appears on. Did you have any relationship at all with the old/original members of the group? But, as far as doing it again anytime soon, no plans yet. Have you been offered or considered any other entertainment fields in Korea? Acting, I actually did a lot of movies, small parts of course. Despite some initial suggestions to the contrary, this is also supported by molecular phylogenies.The Acantharea produce skeletons of strontium sulfate and is closely related to a peculiar genus, Sticholonche (Taxopodida), which lacks an internal skeleton and was for long time considered a heliozoan.

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