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Tv dating show the choice

This was the funniest moment of the show by far when they summed up at the end, the bloke will have said "I think I really love her and I hope we keep in touch" only for the woman to say "Well, I thought he was a bit of a prat really." Hilarity every time. At this point Cilla seemed to realise the show was on its way out, and so at the beginning of 2003 she revealed on the show that she was quitting at the end of Series 18 in May (surprising the production team in the process, apparently).

The show produced several marriages in its time, to which the telly cameras were always invited as was Cilla, who liked them because she got to buy a new hat. For a while ITV seemed confident that the show was going to continue with a new host, but in the end they gave up and replaced it with Love on a Saturday Night instead. Revivals were discussed every so often, but they never came to series. Oh how we laughed when he drank wine with elephants!

Made up example: Questioner: "I really like crisps.

If you were a crisp flavour, which one would you be? And have sex." And so it went on for two more questions.

The roles were reversed later in the show, so one girl picked one of three guys.

The other half of the show was about finding out how the dates from last week went.

Despite this minor controversy, it remained one of ITV "bankers" for Saturday nights. Nicola Gill was rumbled as being a reporter for Cosmopolitan magazine undercover, and was going on the show as the basis for an article rather than as a genuine chance for romance.

But by 2002 ratings were falling, so they 're-energised' the show. However, canny Cilla rumbled her in the studio the following week and sent her away with a flea in her ear. Voiceover: "The choice is yours..." Based on the Australian show Perfect Match, which was in turn derived from Chuck Barris' US format The Dating Game.

Second, because it was the easiest way of getting onto television in prime time, more of which in a moment. Everybody's collective Mum Cilla Black played matchmaker to three girls and one guy (and later, three guys and one girl).

Unfortunately Jones saw too many potential liabilities in the format (what if one of the contestants had an accident on a trip abroad? ' The choice was shown to be apparently random because some of the blind dates during the series were for exotic locations, and others were for a week in Skegness or similar.

However, the envelopes containing the holiday locations all had the same place on them.

After introducing us to each of the three girls, each "looking for love", we were introduced with the "lucky fella" who would be going on a date with one of the said three females.

He asked three questions and the females replied as best they can.

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Hence, the choice of dates was effectively "rigged", but for good reason - an entire film crew had to go on the dates with the couple, and this took some significant advance planning.

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