Tops for dating vintage shoes

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Tops for dating vintage shoes

from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... and this hat has one of the nicer interior bands (see photos). However, I have two left thumbs so I don't sew or clean... Look at the first photo (after you click on the photo at left) to see the more true color of the feather... Be careful when you purchase a simple 1840s bonnnet... so coming from a museum, you KNOW this is the real thing! Excellent condition hat of a peachy pink straw with glorious stiff ruffly edge of brim! I would have thought this hat might be early 1960s, but the museum tag is 1950. Eventually his hats were wholesaled to department stores. LOVE the 3-dimentional goldtone jewelry MICE on the front!! I wear a size 6.5, and these are marked size 36.5, but they are tight on my 6.5 foot, so I'd say best for a 5.5/6 foot. from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... There is a wonderful 1962 Chicago Tribune article about her at: So now on to this hat. It's mentioned in the article that the interior of the hats are as lovely as the exterior... This hat is miroir velvet ("mirror" velvet - so shiny! Has the original matching netting and the hat is covered with matching "leaves" with matching bugle beads. Certainly you can sew it on as well if you want to easily fold up. Extreme minor dustiness in one area, so for those of you who are comfortable soaking vintage linens, this is easy. Lovely ribbon design on this hat with little bow at back and a large raspberry ostrich feather at the side. She obviously kept her possessions in great condition. I'm not absolutely sure the vintage dating of this hat... He created headwear for the likes of Greta Garbo, Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford. I wear a size 6.5, and these fit, but better for a size 6. It allowed her boss to give stored exclusive rights to certain labels. Some of her other labels were: Lemington, Miss Luci, Sam Budwig, Ronnie, Lucylle Smith, Gilbert, Junior B, Mark III, Suzi B and Mademoiselle Hats. It's a black straw wide brim picture hat with tons of gradated color silk lilacs with green stems and leaves along with the original hat pin in place. Great for hat or Schiaparelli collectors to go with the Iconic. You can use in a size to have the lace hang over the edge, or for a larger parasol, it will just lay flat on top. I didn't even notice it until I looked at the photos). And it all started (at least in my mind) by Elsa Schiaparelli back in the 1930s. :) Whatever the date, this has GOT to be one of the BEST Leslie James hats I have ever seen. Seems I'm not the only one who wondered about who Leslie James might be. it took a grandson and Past Perfect vintage posts to get this information: Leslie James was a combination of James Druce (CEO) and Leslie George Masters, a former film actors in the 1930s at MGM who was encouraged to take up millinery design by the famous Gilbert Adrian. I can just imagine it on the cover with the tagline: "Spring has Sprung" ! This is one of those hats from the 1960s that would have been worn high up on the head with hair flowing around... I'm assuming the theme of these shoes is "Why Don't You Keep in Touch? There is velvet wear to the brim (see photos), but because it's black on black, it's only seen when looking closely. She was the highest paid designer in the hat industry turning out 900 hats a day for 14 labels! They were sold under assorted labels at various stores in various price points with the Luci Puci label being the most expensive. So I love to find the ultimate Schiaparelli hat in that signature color! Immediately transform your shabby parasols to a beauty! Excellent condition with just a slight dusting on the back (should clean up... :) I'm sure this is one of those hats that was likely photographed for Vogue or Harper's Bazaar. The bonnet is all original, even the ribbon ties which look to be correct to the era. Loos had quite a few of these tiny mini hats, many from Bergdorf Goodman. Loos in the white floral tiny hat I got in this collection!! This one is an off-white straw (in the shape of a hat) with brown velvet band and partial brown veil. Excellent condition except the veil is nearly gone (certainly a new brown net can be used to replace) and the hat has a tendency to curl up a bit, but just needs a minor steaming. This was the look in 1967 (per the Clairol cosmetics ad from 1967 below). It was originally when new, which with inflation equals 5 today. Love the old telephone number with letters for the telephone exchange. But one pair has already SOLD, so the complete box is no longer available. I wear a size 6.5, and you can see the other size 36.5 size Chanel mule shoe on my wrinkly foot (I wonder if I can botox my feet! :) from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... While the demand for hats in general dropped dramatically in the 1960s, Bes-Ben hats have remained hugely popular and collectible. although this isn't one of the whimsical hats, it's still a numbered Bes-Ben, and lovely! I have read that brand new top quality Katsura (Geisha) wigs can sell for up to ,000. There was no interior trim on the hat in the book, and none on this hat. The condition is Excellent for the delicate nature. Some people might call them Salesman Sample hats, or even doll hats, but from what I can gather, these were meant to be worn even though they look so small it's hard to believe. Loos wearing the white flower tiny ball hat, these ARE real hats! I've been searching for other photos of Anita in the rest of the hats, but sadly haven't found that many photos of Ms. This one has that great "pocket" decoration at the one side and the large decorative buttons. Excellent condition just might use new elastic under the chin. And even more rarely am I first in line to purchase them for you! This hat is in great condition and has a pretty gray bow at one side (so it could match the jacket below... But as you purchase each separately, at least you know they came from ONE previous owner and are all original to this one store stock box! Excellent condition with a few store scuffs (Small scuff at right front side of right shoe - you can see on the first photo on the left. Ever so slight scuff at back of heel - see photo - note that color in that photo is off... I wear a size 6.5, and you can see them on my wrinkly foot (I wonder if I can botox my feet! :) from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... Black lace with open crown at the top with huge silk rose flowers and green feathers all over the brim. Yes, they still make collapsible top hats for magic shows, or costumes.... with the original box with gorgeous graphic typeface. pops up and squishes down like it is new and yet there is something floating around inside which you can hear when you tilt the hat!!! The black silk has faded over the 100 years, so it's more like a dark gray, but other than a bit of misshaping on the back, and a bit of wear to the edge.... These cloches were created either with various color bullion threads or for a more natural look... Middle part with lovely twisted braided hairdo decorated with silk flowers, stems, leaves. So similar to a hat featured in Susan Langley's "Hats & Bonnets" book, on page 71, listed as a "Milliner's Masterpiece" - and given one of the highest price estimates in the entire book! NOTE: I've contacted a few museums to check on the authenticity of these glasses, and have found that there were a few slightly different versions (in various museums), some with the grommets, some without. IN THE ORIGINAL BOX which stamped with "Made in France" and handwritten in pencil, "8 pieces Courreges". Sadly 970 Flatbush Ave is now a Popeye's Chicken fast food place. A Chicago socialite received a little hat covered with clocks to wear at a charity entitled "Time for Giving". A Maiko is an apprentice geisha in western Japan, especially Kyoto. velvet and satin” and tied into a small gordian knot with short broad ends. it's all frayed at the edges and has quite a bit of staining (see all the photos). I envy those beauties like Louise Brooks (look her up on Google if you don't know what she looked like! and the leaf elements that are silk floss and hand-painted on!

She was called in an article, in the New York Times, "an amazing milliner". Suzanne Talbot hat on the open market, but they are rare... Came in with trousseaux set so likely wedding gloves! Goldenrod color border with white background and mustangs running wild with one cowgirl. So well received that the design was re-issued in 2012. This hat really confounded me as I really haven't seen any of these tall cloches from the 1920s. Would have been likely late 1920s worn with a the bob cut.... I spend all my spare time looking for the best original flapper headpieces! Olive as one of the influential designers of the century. Excellent condition with just a bit if darkening of straw in one spot (see photo). so indeed, this hat was displayed at a few museums across the country. The company he founded maintained this tradition of introducing influential socialites to what's new in fashion, so no surprise that this hat came from Bendels. Of all the things I sell, I think 1920s flapper headpieces are my favorite. Chigot" complete with the original silk lining and a small piece of the original price tag attached. Chigot was, but there are still a few of his signed pieces found when googling. Green-Field also made pieces to commemorate holidays and events. Or if you aren't a golfer, but hang with that crowd.... Marked size 6.5, but they run a bit small, so best for size 6 I think. For those of you, like me, who look like hell in a tight low fitted cloche. I still have a few rhinestone tiaras that are in my private collection, and I am close to adding this to my own collection as well, so think fast. He must have been the king of these fashionable cloches! For Hedda Hopper's appearance at the film premiere of "The Razor's Edge", he topped a hat with razors. A shaped band fastened at the back of the neck with ties, a buckle or hook and eye... This type of neckcloth was introduced to general society by King George IV in 1822. This lovely Victorian Straw Bonnet came to me from a museum hat collection, so it's been displayed throughout the USA in museums! There is a bit of age discoloration on the flowers and ties, but it's in Excellent condition all around. What else would you wear in the summer with your Victorian bustle gown as you promenade along the seashore? Near mint condition, except for the red marker on the bottom and I see one tiny, tiny mark on the front of one shoe (see photos). I've got one of those faces that just needs volume - either in hair or hat. Love the bold silk stylized "flowers" embroidered onto the straw in autumn colors... The factory was based in Los Angeles with hundreds of employees. 1840's Brown Straw Bonnet with Copper and Black Satin Ribbon Trim! From my quick research, it looks like this hat was originally owned by Mrs. I suppose it would benefit from a professional steaming to make perfect ... Eventually his hats were wholesaled to department stores. Then added an additional shop in Southhampton, NY some time in the 1960s. Soft red straw tall hat trimmed in green ribbon in the ultimate flower pot shape! Excellent condition, though the hat is pretty much flattened when off the head, it bounces right back to near perfect on the head!

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He created headwear for the likes of Greta Garbo, Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford. Original lining still attached (though could use a few stitches - I'm leaving as found for you! In researching Gladys Millinery, seems she opened her first shop in Coral Gables in 1935. In 1946 his hat prices retailed for $29.50 - $39.50 and up to $300 in 1964. Druce retired in 1954 and left the business to Leslie. if Leslie James designs were good enough for Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford.....