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Teen dating scrary move effects

Not many films could make a sheet of printed fabric terrifying, but Bella (Diana Wynyard) thinks she’s losing her mind.

A group of explorers heads deep into the Paris catacombs, only to find they’ve gone a little too deep and stumbled into an alternate dimension that might actually be Hell.

A couple of Londoners holidaying in Cornwall stumble across a gorgeous abandoned house on the seafront and immediately decide they want to buy it.

The owner, a grumpy old colonel, is happy to sell it to them on the spot, but his granddaughter is reluctant.

It’s a little bit A tyrannical landowner is plagued by, well, a literal plague in Roger Corman’s adaptation of an Edgar Allan Poe story.

Vincent Price plays the Satanic Prince Prospero, who rules over his village with an iron fist, condemning people to death for the mildest offence and abducting any woman who takes his fancy, but all of his evils come back to haunt him when he throws a masked ball and Death shows up.

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According to their daughter, the mirror is haunted, and something supernatural caused their deaths.