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Speed dating one liners

“PASSENGER LIST” for Swedish American Line notes members on the Lions’ Cruise to the Havana Convention aboard the motorliner Kungsholm, departing New York on July 20, 1940.

One passenger I sailed with in July 1958 eastbound on the French Line and who trounced me in the table tennis finals was–horror horrors–listed on that summer’s westbound trip.When people were given the option of not having their name listed, many demurred, and the list became incomplete and not very useful.Some lines just dropped it to save money and the labor required in the purser’s department that might be better used elsewhere.By the Twenties the great ship interiors were being shaped by modernism, and above all by the splendours of Art Deco.For me, Art Deco is the period of the ocean liners’ greatest glory. The French liner Normandie must be the most magnificent vessel ever created, and the superb panels and furniture here are astonishing.

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