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For some reason in this country, we have decided that a regimental approach is the answer." Wendy Ellyatt, the founding director of the Save Childhood Movement, voiced strong concerns.

"Many schools are likely to struggle with providing suitably child-centred environments and the danger is that the needs of the youngest children will be compromised to serve those of the larger system," Ellyatt said.

"I think that is the advantage of working in an all-through school – we are able to get teachers working together above and below all the time.

I think that raises the game for everyone – children aren't able to fall through the gaps." In 2009, there were only 13 all-through academies or schools in England but this has risen with the opening of new academies and free schools as well as the amalgamation of existing primaries and secondaries.

"If anything, things are moving in precisely the wrong direction, with early childhood becoming increasingly colonised by a toxic and deeply harmful 'school-readiness' agenda, which is increasingly driving all early years policy-making.

This is catastrophic for the wellbeing of England's young children, and many of us believe that England's parlous performance in the Pisa international league tables is precisely because, since 2000, England has pursued a policy of ever-earlier quasi-formal learning, which has had appalling impacts upon may children's love of learning and has generated disaffection from mainstream schooling among many pupils." However, back at King Solomon Academy, Ms Willms is adamant that the school she founded in 2007 is providing the best preparation for its youngest children. Although our parents want to do the right thing, they face severe challenges and many of our pupils have not had the richness of home experiences that other children have had.

"Our over-arching ambition is to prepare each child for university and we start with the youngest children.

"I know how frightened my own daughter was when she started primary school at four and went from being in a nursery playground with 30 children to a school playground where there were 400." Dr Richard House, a senior lecturer in early childhood at the University of Winchester, and the founder of Early Childhood Action said the proposals could be "catastrophic" for young children.

"I am implacably against this proposal until there is a fundamental sea-change in governmental and cultural attitudes to early childhood experience in this country," he said.

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Having all ages on site also enables older pupils to act as mentors for younger children, while primary pupils benefit from having specialist science and language available and sharing sports facilities that stand-alone primaries can only dream about.

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