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We talked about our community and what it means to be a Disciple in the context of this community, beginning with our 5-mile radius, and expanding outward in concentric to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).

As we discerned these values, we assumed that we are called to be a missional congregation, and that these values will help guide our practice of mission.

James defines true religion in terms of caring for orphans and widows who are in distress (James ).

Strangely, even though the Bible is full of texts that speak of God’s love and compassion, traditional theology, which has been deeply influenced by Greek philosophy, makes this impossible.

Greek philosophy insisted that emotion was a sign of weakness, and therefore God must be “impassible.” That is, if God is perfect, then God is incapable of change or of feeling.

If we were to brainstorm, I expect that we could come up with a myriad of possibilities. S, because just about a month from now, we’ll be hosting a homeless shelter for a week.

But, in the interests of time, I’ll just mention a few, some of which are already occurring in our congregational life. This is an act of compassion because it is a response to Christ’s call to serve and love our neighbor.

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Jesus’ compassion, however, went beyond just walking in the shoes of the other, it led him to act.

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