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Today, there are nearly 200 city jail beds for rent in Los Angeles and Orange counties, which have taken the most advantage of the option, by far.A Los Angeles Times-Marshall Project review of jails statewide showed only one pay-to-stay program outside Southern California — in Fremont, near San Francisco.

A legislative crackdown on drunk driving in the 1980s strained already overcrowded county jails, and a few small city jails with unused beds in Los Angeles County offered to take the spillover, as long as the inmate paid a daily rate for his or her costs.But judges have the discretion to order some felony offenders to serve time in county jails.In those cases, judges can also allow a defendant to serve the time in a city jail.You’ll be able to explore California’s outdoor recreational opportunities in a more modern way via interactive maps and other online tools. Wurtzel later claimed the act was consensual, but in 2011 he pleaded no contest to sexual battery and was sentenced to a year in jail.

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Some defendants have done repeated stints in the pay-to-stay system, the analysis showed.