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Walkthrough Delicious Emily’s True Love At the beginning of Delicious – Emily’s True Love, Emily’s restaurant has been open for a year!But even a successful business is not enough to keep the weddings from appearing in her dreams.Extra Challenge 4: Help Mom fit the dress between customers.Day 8: It’s the Wedding Day, and Emily’s mom is talking grandchildren. And who is that girl going to Sundance with Patrick?Challenge 10: Carlos is heartbroken over Carmen, have a comfort talk with poor Carlos and earn extra points. “Hello…Again” Day 9: Carmen feels abandoned by her mother and fears she passed up her chance for a happy life.Earn extra points by consoling poor Carlos Day 8: Meanwhile, Carmen receives some heart-stopping news, herself! Challenge 10: Earn extra points by making sure the flight crew is fed.

Extra Challenge 3: Keep Jimmy well fed to earn extra points Day 6: Surprise! Time is of the essence, and they still have to do something about that hideous wedding dress.Ooo la la, it’s from Jean Paul, the boy from Paris! All this time she thought he had given up on her, and now she learns that he had felt the same way about her! Emily decides to take a chance on love and sets out on an epic journey through four restaurants and an entire ocean to find her old flame. You don’t have to wait to see the money fly above the register to move on to the next task. Fixing up the place is good for business: Use your hard-earned points to add items that will increase patience and buy you more time.To give you a little help here is an official Delicious – Emily’s True Love walkthrough, we are offering some tips, cheats and tricks to help her accomplish just that! There is a box at the bottom of the screen with a green curtain to help you identify the extra point activity currently on screen. Change the settings at the beginning of the game to an easier level: There are beginning, normal, and advanced levels of difficulty.Emily offers to help the man out, then finds herself running the whole operation. Here are the locations of the French mice: “The Mix-Up” Day 1: Franco panics when he thinks Emily is a health inspector.Emily offers to help Franco out, but when he takes the day off to order fresh ingredients, she finds herself running Fresco’s Diner Express! Challenge 11: Clean up the mess to earn more points.

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It had been penned by the object of her affection from so many years ago – Jean Paul, from France! Extra Challenge 1: clean up the mess left over from the night before for extra points.

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