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I would like to start a discussion on how to approach your significant other to accept a sexual role as a family member. Im also looking for women that want to swap pics and/or you guys have ever done?

Mine was with another guy, I sent him a picture of a girl to beat off to, so we pretended I was the girl, and was my younger stepbrother.

You can proposition for a roleplay only in the Roleplay Request forum.

It is hard to believe but the little facts that are put into it make it more compelling and less obvious as a fake. For awhile now I've been trying to compile a gigantic list of all the genuine incest roleplay vids on the site ( ).

This list gets updated regularly and you can visit and browse this page as many times as your heart desires.

You can visit each of these swingers profiles and check out their adult photos, erotic blog posts and sexy videos.

Stick to the theme Off subject material is forbidden and will be removed and so will be persistant offenders This group is for adults to play out fantasies and indulge in role/age play. We would like a touch of class, yet want to get down and very dirty too!

When you have sex with your girlfriend you imagine she's your sister, or your mother. I'll remove anything that doesn't fit the requirements and if it's a chronic problem I'll kick you from the group.

Meet the Head Master or Head Mistress or the Prefects who abuse their powers to administer their strict dicipline. Rules of membership When joining you must write an essay describing yourself or your roleplay character.

Add some pictures/drawings or movies to illustrate what you have written No common porn that can be found everywhere.

Imagine going back in time to when boarding schools where strict and humiliating punishments such as spanking were very common. See it as a kind of ageplay, wether you are 18 or 80 and you have experiences and/or images you'd like to share.

Come back to school but this time it's 1950 when things were a little different to now.

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