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cuz her shoes are wack ass hell idk I've always thought that Angela was really fake (she wears every brand of shoe but her own, she comes out of the gym w/no sweat and carrying her lil but to each their own. she constantly pimps her daughters out to the highest bidders!!I doubt that a reality show is really in the works for them but if it's true then wow momma Kardashian has no prob pimpin her kids huh Kris Jenner is a PIMP!! she annoys the hell outta me and her funny stretched face looking husband Bruch Jenner! SMDH i do not understand how some of you agree with Jill Scott about her views on interracial relationships yet alone,hate the fact that Angela may be dating Rob..I hope he passes on the show (if it's true) and him and Angela continue to get to know each other (if that's what they are doing). Fox With Foolishness» Married Pastor Gets BLASTED On Facebook By Alleged Side Chick For CHEATING- RECEIPTS! Kelly’s Lawyer, Publicist & Assistant Reportedly Jump Ship Amid Reports He Gave 19-Year-Old Herpes» Paula Patton's Man Says He's 'Only Married By Law,' Paula Brings Him On TV & Gushes 'I'm In Love!I dont think their trying to get a show, I think thats just talk honestly. Lyfe Jennings Pulls A Baby Stunt On Social Media & You’ll Never Guess Why » Dominique Perry Welcomes Baby Girl, And The Father Is Reportedly Her 'Insecure' Co-Star! '» This Is How Kevin Hart & Family Do Lunch & Ice Cream In LA Rasheeda Celebrates Birthday With Estranged Husband Kirk Frost » FAMILY IN PARIS!His or her race has nothing to do with it and if you don't know about Kris Jenner past then well watch the show and see how she treats her children when money and press is involved so don't jump to conclusion if you don't know the facts..saying Everybody throwing out publicity stunts!Angie & Rob's "relationship" Trina & the "rash" (some say) Shanelle's "shower" Monica's "break-up" (some say) Kat Stacks & the pimps Kanye, Beyonce, & the Taylor swift's "situation"(some say) Jay-Z & lil mama's "performace" and the list goes on.... She likes to pick up people she was cool with leftovers. Angela Simmons was spotted out partying once again with Rob Kardashian this weekend.And she tried her damndest to hide from the cameras. Meanwhile, word on the internet streets is that the mother of all publicity whoredom...literally....

I thought they were friends, that's why I dismissed this relationshp at first..far as bow wow goes i think she uses him to get over break ups and as soon as she is over the break up she moves on i.e.I always thought Vanessa was more down to earth compare to Angela Kris Jenner is a big pimp to her children. and this is to whoever typed in the caption.(by the way ..I am African and i come from Ghana.know..a COUNTRY...She was cool with Ciara and started dating Bow Wow after they broke up.She was friends with Adrienne and now is hanging out with Rob.

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Kris Jenner is already shopping around a reality show for her baby Rob based on his fake relationship with Angela. If this is anywhere near true, you're way too good for this Angie. Didn't Rob cheat on Adrianne Bailon, the girl that's known to f%^k for tracks? Rob can do better than Angela shes not even attractive.. I saw Rob coming out of the Beverly Hills Hotel on Friday with a young lady who I didn't think was Angela, however I saw Rob and my friend said she saw Angela walking in front of him (no cameras around, no paparazzi).