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Managing IP also reports on a possible change in the Department of Justice’s approach to SEPS and analyses Huawei’s win over Samsung in China We are sadly seeing coverage about these matters (FRAND, SEP, UPC) mostly coming from people who stand to profit from these. The summary by the EPO mentioned all the cases the management had won but none of the ones they lost.

They’re not journalists but lawyers and/or their front groups. Additionally commentary was given which aimed to deter filings at the ILO by suggesting that it was a waste of time and wasted the tribunals time.

It’s worth noting that Team UPC is also pushing SEP/FRAND (there’s a correlation there, especially among the motivations of their large clients).

The EPO is being treated like a bottomless money pit, mostly by Battistelli. He also pockets some more money along with his cronies (they give themselves generous ‘bonuses’). It’s about the EPO thinking that it's an investment bank, as anonymous EPO insiders have warned.

It first wrote about SEP in Europe (authored by Battistelli’s old friend James Nurton, who quotes the patent microcosm and not actual technologies impacted by SEP). Those who don’t agree with them are being framed as some sort of a “foreign plot” and there’s nothing they won’t do to demonise voices of reason (they’ve already attempted to call me a Russian stooge). The EPO’s management, moreover, lies as a matter of routine and always gets away with it.

From the outline: Both patent owners and implementers have welcomed the European Commission’s communication on standard essential patents. Be careful of Team UPC; they rarely if ever argue from reason, they just argue for money (theirs). It now lies (by omission) about the latest ILOAT decisions.

Does that mean it has successfully balanced competing interests or merely dodged the difficult questions? █ Permalink Leave Your Comment Send this to a friend in recent years, been treating its workforce like dirt. To quote a new comment: It should be remembered that the ILO-AT is an adminstarative [sic] tribunal and not a court of justice – it checks that the procedural aspects were correct but not that the judgement was just. The EPO publishes internally a summary of the ILO decisions.

James Nurton investigates The fourth US bench trial to determine a FRAND royalty is the first to use a top-down approach, and has parallels to the UK’s Unwired Planet decision. In the current round, some important decisions were, exceptionally, pronounced early in December while the remainder were pronounced last week.

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[...] This is especially true for the life sciences sector who had voiced concerns over the past year that a 12-months examination time could block innovation and harm the whole sector.