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Pontil scars on dating glass

Hence, glass containing enough manganese may naturally and slowly turn some shade of very light to medium purple after several years of exposure to the rays of the sun.The dating of ‘solarized purple glass; or found lavender sea glass has been questioned enough that it warranted several pages and exhaustive research by the author Peter D.Schulz in his book, Baffle Marks and Pontil Scars: A Reader on Historic Bottle Identification.He concluded that regarding manganese use in glassmaking, “popular use seems to have begun by at least the mid 1870s and was solidly in place by 1890” and that a “practical end date for manganese use in all but specialty bottles is about 1920” but gives no definitive reason for the stoppage, though he does note that the end of manganese use generally corresponds with the end of mouth-blown bottle production.

Profiteers have discovered ways to speed up the solarizing process by artificial means—irradiated, or with the assistance of a germicidal black light.As soda forms evolved, the blob top and heavier glass became more prominent, as the transition from open to iron pontil, and then to the "snap case" progressed.The various styles and shapes of bottles allowed manufacturers to associate different bottles with different products, so that patrons could distinguish a merchants "soda" from his "porter" output, for example.It’s one of the few colors you can instantly and reasonably date without any historical hint save the color.You know automatically that this piece of glass was most likely made between 18.

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In recent years, collectors have begun to differentiate between "soda" and "beer" forms, but there are many subtypes beyond these.

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