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He certainly isn't shy about revealing his artistic intentions, pointing out that all those "through the window shots" are "about veils of perception - seeing people through the windows of your own understanding".Perhaps he's reaching a little too deep for meaning, but for the most this isn't a self-conscious commentary.Meanwhile, Joe Wright talks about the "dancing scenes" within the film and how they are "a great way of forming collisions between the characters".

Even Elizabeth, as much as she loves her father and as much as he respects her, admits she “could not have formed a very pleasing opinion of conjugal felicity or domestic comfort” based on her parents’ marriage.

It's a shame these matters aren't handled in more detail since they form such an important part of the film's ambience.

Generally the featurettes are very fleeting, but for all those Austen fans, this DVD should still take pride of place in your collection.

Indeed, like most early novels, Austen’s contend with the seismic social shifts birthed by modernity, particularly the rise of the individual. Ennis says that respect is the bedrock of lasting love, wisdom the never-married Austen recognized long before psychology, life coaches, and marriage retreats were invented.

In , as in Austen’s other works, the private angst surrounding the choice of a marriage partner really reflects the larger, public anxieties swirling around a disintegrating class structure, a new social mobility, and increasing personal autonomy. These two illustrate magnificently by negative example just how crucial respect for one another is to marital bliss. First Impressions Can Be Misleading As fans of The first half of the novel is an accumulation of false impressions, particularly Elizabeth’s misperceptions (leading to the titular prejudice) about the seemingly, titularly, proud Darcy.

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When a wealthy bachelor takes up residence in a nearby mansion, the Bennets are abuzz.

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