Plays about online dating

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Plays about online dating

"If dating apps can actually play a role in groups and people getting together [who] otherwise might not, that's really, really exciting," Hobley says.

"Everyone deserves love" Curtis says she is still conflicted about her own preferences and whether she'll continue to use dating apps.

"[When it comes to attraction,] familiarity is a really big piece," Hobley says.

"So people tend to be often attracted to the people that they are familiar with.

He is gay and Filipino and says he felt like he had no choice but to deal with the rejections based on his ethnicity as he pursued a relationship. But I started to think, I have a choice: Would I rather be alone, or should I, like, face racism?And in a segregated society, that can be harder in certain areas than in others." Curtis says she relates to that idea because she has had to come to terms with her own biases.After growing up in the mostly white town of Fort Collins, Colo., she says she exclusively dated white men until she moved to New York.Like Patricia Arquette did in her brilliant Oscar speech, many celebrities are speaking out in order to raise awareness.The women of 2015 are definitely not a quiet bunch.

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" Hobley says the site made changes over the years to encourage users to focus less on potential mates' demographics and appearance and more on what she calls "psychographics." "Psychographics are things like what you're interested in, what moves you, what your passions are," Hobley says.

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