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Littered with photos of half-naked women and terms like "James Bond level swag" and "Weekend Casanova," PDA is obviously marketing to a very specific kind of guy.

There's also an overuse of the phrase "attractive women" as opposed to just "women," and grouping women into particular "archetypes" — for example, career-minded women are labeled as "vanilla" (yikes).

I’ve been trying to determine the first time I ever opened an online dating account and as far as I can tell it was in 2003 when I created a profile on Yahoo Personals.

I vaguely remember browsing for free and coming across a profile that intrigued me, which of course meant I had to put down some cash to send a message to whatever vexing minx shared my lack of social skills.

From there, PDA will make a game plan, provide a photographer referral (no mirror selfies), create the profile on the dating site of their choice, find prospective dates, and then message ladies for the clients.

Other than the whole receiving-messages-from-not-your-date part, PDA doesn't seem too terrible, right? To put it nicely, PDA's home page seems more like Barney Stinson's latest brainchild than an online dating tool: it has good intentions, but comes off way too bro-centric to be taken seriously.

It's 2014, and you can actually pay someone to ghostwrite your dating profile for you — if you're a guy, that is.

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