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Winfrey took to her own Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages to set the record straight about a recent financial scam that uses her OWN/Oprah Winfrey Network name and avatar to lure her millions of social media followers into sending money to open accounts with the promise of monetary Christmas rewards.posted screenshots of a post for a now-defunct Instagram account named @own_Christmas, which promised a ,000 prize to the first 100,000 followers.She could choose to live in a less expensive house or sell the Nashville home and split the proceeds equally.She declined both offers and now Oprah is evicting Barbara. She has confidentiality agreements with pretty much everybody in her life.The scammer, Abraham Abdallah, used technology and other techniques to steal the Social Security numbers, addresses, and birth dates of 200 wealthy stars and executives, as well as more than 400 credit card numbers.This SABC timeline has been compiled by friends of the SABC.“Her brand is that she is a nice, caring, generous, giving person. She has them sign their life away and she has them in her pocket,” Barbara says. And she probably does have certain people sign confidentiality agreements.

Initially it made all the right noises and committed itself to creating a new, neutral and objective public broadcaster which would finally cast of the shackles of its restrictive apartheid past.She also calls the friendship with Gayle King “bizarre” and “unhealthy.” She even suggests that Oprah may be insecure and ashamed of being African-American. Earlier this month, Barbara received an eviction notice from her step-child saying “you have until Monday to get out of MY house.” Oprah bought the house for her father and step mother shortly after they married.She recalled a visit to Oprah’s Chicago condo when Oprah announced on the intercom, “Negroes in the house. After the 2012 divorce, Barbara was offered two options.It’s no secret that Oprah does not have the greatest relationship with her parents.She makes sure they are taken care of and that’s about it.

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