Online property updating data info

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Online property updating data info

The property names that are not links are author-defined properties.Many of the properties were imported from that comes with the SDK. Based upon the values of these properties, Windows Installer may determine whether to apply future upgrade packages to the current upgrade.The property specified in the Action Property column of the Upgrade table must be added to the Secure Custom Properties Property.An upgrade that changes the Product Code is referred to as a Major Upgrade.The upgrade package's Product Name property, Product Version property, Product Language property, and Upgrade Code property may be changed, or left unchanged, from the original product.

This can be useful for scenarios that require data sources to be updated ahead of the data being created.Because the upgrade changes the name of the file and changes the component code of some components, the product code of the upgrade must be changed from that of the original product.For a description of the cases where an upgrade is required to change the Product Code property, see Changing the Product Code.Because it is a list, you can iterate through each relate and manipulate them accordingly.import arcpy aprx = Arc GISProject(r'C:\Projects\Yosemite NP\Yosemite.aprx') lyr = Maps("Main*")Layers("State_Polygons")[0] con Prop = lyr.connection Properties for rel in con Prop['relates']: if rel['name'] == 'Relate2': rel['connection']['dataset'] = 'census2012' lyr.update Connection Properties(lyr.connection Properties, con Prop) del aprx dictionary structure changes.

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There are numerous reasons why data sources need to be repaired or redirected to different locations.

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