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Posted by / 29-Oct-2020 11:28

Office communicator 2016 status not updating

The fix is fairly easy: delete Communicator's contact database from the affected user's computer and wait for the updated version to be downloaded.

When I hover over an address on an email message, the Outlook 2007/OCS 2007 R2 integration displays incorrect user contact information.

They are included in the legacy and full delta files.

The legacy and full delta files are only downloaded when a new file is downloaded to the workstation.

You have to manually delete the file from the end-user in question so that they can download the Full and Legacy files, at which point it gets reflected to everyone.

When running Outlook with Lync (and Profile Unity is running) that you can no longer see the "status" of a person anymore (available/Presence Unknown/busy).

I’ve just installed Office 2013 but I also have Communicator 2007 R2 installed and found that the Communicator status is not found in Outlook.Unfortunately, you seem to have to set this one reminder at a time — I couldn’t see any Outlook settings where I could change the default for this.Here’s Peter’s solution: When you set any appointment, Outlook automatically sets your status for that appointment as Busy — this is what Lync picks up and displays.I’d already gone into the Lync settings (Tools Options) and tried to change my Status settings for the Inactive and Away statuses (the only ones you can change).However, my client has these set to 15 minutes and doesn’t let me change them. And it’s all to do with the connection between your Outlook Calendar and Microsoft Lync.

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