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THE DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMYAfter being discharged from the Army, Ann trained as a secretary at the Metropolitan Business College in Sydney under the Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme from 1946 to 1947.She heard that a secretary was wanted in the Department of Anatomy and presented herself, saying that she could start immediately – which she did.Organic samples can also be prepared for LSC by using a Parr bomb which is much more efficient than conventional combustion in a stream of oxygen.Overall, the method has slightly lower precision than the benzene method but, in many instances, counting statistics are much less than the overall uncertainty contributed by inter- and intra-sample variability.She spent her childhood at a property “Karoola” near Winton in North Western Queensland, was educated with the Queensland Correspondence School from 1929 until 1932 and then at Frensham School Mittagong in the NSW southern highlands from 1933 until 1939.After leaving school she put up her age in order that she might enlist in the Australian Army with her sister Susan.

In fact she accompanied Prof Macintosh on field trips to such interesting places as the highlands of Papua New Guinea to make an anthropological survey of the indigenous people.

Her maternal grandfather was Sir Edmund Barton, who was a Fellow of Senate of the University in the late 19th century and who was to become Australia’s first Prime Minister. EARLY LIFEAnn Margaret Macintosh (nee Scot Skirving) was born on the 25 March 1922 in Woollahra Sydney.

She was the second daughter of Robert and Stephanie Scot Skirving.

HONOURSIn 1993 Ann was made an Honorary Fellow of the University of Sydney, was Foremost Benefactor of the University of Sydney and was made an Honorary Research Associate of Department of Anatomy and Histology.

In 1998 she was made an Honorary Life Member of the Faculty of Medicine.

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Ann was a major donor to many associations, especially those concerned with anthropology, medicine and animal welfare.