Nintendo dating simulator love plus

Posted by / 15-Nov-2020 15:29

Nintendo dating simulator love plus

It seems that more content was added in the updated Love Plus game, just not in this one.Love Plus is a fine dating sim that allows you to get a bit more intimate with your chosen girl.You can speed things up by entering Skip Mode and playing like you have been for the whole time, or you can enter the challenges of Real-Time Mode where if you’re not playing your DS at 1.30 Tuesday afternoon, your girlfriend will be mad at you.There’s nothing quite like returning to your DS to find your virtual girlfriend telling you how mad she is or ignoring your messages.

It’s also really hard to judge which girls like to be poked where and can kind of ruin dates if you’ve got clumsy hands. Unfortunately, new dialogue is about the only thing you can look forward to, as besides the rare jealousy encounters and main game story, the endgame is mostly repeated stat grinding text, re-used text messages and the same options.

There are a lot of things you can unlock and a lot of events to see. There's this promo video I found on the web, so I think it should give your some idea about the game.

:)Note: Some people may wonder whether you will be able to play this game with zero Japanese knowledge. It is still fun to interact with the girls even when you have no idea at all what they are saying.

There’s also nothing quite like the Love mode where you can talk to your virtual girlfriend and have her answer simple questions.

Of course, there are also times in the game when your girl will want to hear your sweet words of affection no matter where you are.

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With three girls and practically your whole life ahead of you, Love Plus offers you eternal high school girlfriend bliss as the game transitions from everyday dating sim to every day relationship simulator.