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Also, make sure that you're in an area with good, strong signal when you try this update.

If you’re ever having a problem with your phone that’s related to how it accesses the Ting network, updating your phone’s profile is the best place to start.

If it is, you’ll need to erase that number from your phone, and then you'll be able to update it.

Before you start Many LTE devices can run this update over Wi-Fi but if you're having trouble getting the update to start, or it fails before completing, you may need to disable Wi-Fi and enable data instead.

If you do not have an LTE device or the updates are failing while you're connected to Wi-Fi, then you'll need to perform these updates with Wi-Fi disabled and data enabled.

If you don't have an LTE device then each of these updates requires a cellular data connection.

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It also can help if your phone is unable to make calls when you are roaming off the network.

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