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“Over the summer a joint Russian-Norwegian expedition to the sunken vessel will take place – we will try to get new data.” He added that it is essential to raise the vessel regardless of the circumstances, as a possible rupture in the reactor compartment could greatly complicate matters if it is not raised.

Other radioactive litter in the Kara Sea Large-scale dumping of radioactive waste and nuclear fuel was at its height between 19.

Some 17,000 tons of solid radioactive waste are estimated to have been purposely sunk in its waters, in addition to the K-27, and the 907 nuclear submarine, which has two reactors on board.

Other solid radioactive waste in the region includes biological shielding assemblies from the Lenin nuclear icebreaker, whose location has not yet been determined.

He said that in this circumstance it was now possible to start devising means of raising it.

According to the Kurchatov Institute, the biological shields are the most radioactive of waste items sunk in the Kara Sea, second only to spent nuclear fuel.In 2012, it was established that the spent nuclear fuel in its reactors measured some 5319.7 terebequerel (143.8 kilocurie), which exceeds the activity of Russia’s other sunken radiological objects.The K-159 lacked an extra protective barrier between the spent nuclear fuel storage and the rest of he submarine, which increases the risk of possible radioactive leakage.The Komsomolets is the only vessel from which the escape of radionuclides into the undersea environmental has been established as a result of loss of integrity of the No 1 reactor chamber.However, the most recent investigation of the vessel, dating back to 2007, established that since 1994, the concentration of radionuclides escaping the vessel has been on a steady decrease of up to 30 times the initial measurements.

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“If we don’t do it now, then there won’t be anywhere to do it in the future.” Risks to oil and gas activities Kazennov added that a detailed inventory of sunken radiological hazards in the Arctic is necessary, after which a complex radiological engineering study can be completed.