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This is a common interview question that can be difficult to answer because you want to present yourself in the best light possible, and discussing your flaws seems counterproductive.

However, when asked this question, keep in mind that the interviewer not only wants to know your weaknesses, but how you handle them.

It is much more difficult to form answers to questions like these in a way that shows your quality on the spot.

Here are some guidelines on how to handle five of the tricky questions that might be thrown at you.

” Instead, be honest and pick a real weakness that you have, but then put a positive light on it and explain how you try to offset that weakness.

If you had been a child prodigy, in which area would you have highlighted? What is the one thing that you truly dislike about me?

If you were a singer, what would you call your first album? If there were only one condiment in the world, what would you like it to be? How many people would you like to invite on a Friday night? A strange thing that makes you break a relationship right away?

However, I am a quick learner, I have a good memory, I work really hard, and I am enthusiastic about this job.” This is another question that could make you squirm because it involves a negative experience in your past. Failure is proof that you have taken risks and tried!

Use this question as an opportunity to show that you are self-aware, you have the ability to learn and grow from experience, and you see risk as worth taking.

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With that in mind, I put together a list of questions to ask a guy that you can ask your potential partner (or end it). You can use these questions according to situation like if you want to do some fun with your guy, use funny questions to ask a guy or if you are feeling horny and want to do some dirty, use dirty questions to ask a guy.

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