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Live updating djia

The whole thing is A wave; The projected B and C waves are plotted in this chart and things dont look good for bitcoin I feel sorry for all bitcoin holders including myself for squandering my money in it. Only gets interesting again once we see a break either up or down - which we can follow with ... The Stock Connector add-in lets you link stocks to cells in the spreadsheet and updates them in real time.Same way, you enter trades near the edges of congestion zones, where bulls or bears are so exhausted that a small amount of pressure can reverse a trend." Trading Ranges is where the ... 4 HOUR 50 Pips H4 Candle break below previous week lows, strong move.XAUUSD is approaching our first resistance at 1301.45 (horizontal overlap resistance, 50% Fibonacci retracement) and price might potentially drop to our first support at 1288.55 (horizontal swing low support, 76.4% Fibonacci retracement). I have been called Naive, delusional, a thief, I have been told that I don't "do TA'. DAILY After taking out 111.400 last week we instantly reacted to that with strong daily bearish price movement melting down WEEKLY Second very bearish weekly movement ...

Overnight the price dropped to 7040, triggering some limit orders: https:// Lv Duq G-Bitcoin-BTC-Buy-Levels/ I still expect the bottom to be formed in the next couple of days.

When you run the Stockwatch Desktop for the first time, please read the online help page first. If you are prompted to run (or open) or save this, select "run (or open)". The setup program will prompt to you install this if you do not already have it, OR you can install the framework directly from Microsoft with this link:

Otherwise save it to your desktop and then run it after it is downloaded. Family ID=333325FD-AE52-4E35-B531-508D977D32A6&displaylang=en When a new version of the Desktop is available, it will automatically download. A dialog box will appear informing you that a new version is ready and ask you if you want to run it.

Dear friends, it’s been a long time since I posted a lesson for beginners, please excuse me, I have been overactive with my projects.

Thank you for reading my previous educational posts. as the start of this week is really depressing for cryptos as every major coin is suffering at the moment and it's quit hard to just rely on the Technical side of these assets so just keep in mind that the risk is a little high while we try to go long on them, but it's really interesting to know what our technicals has to say ...

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Which leads us to expect a fall of US30 to areas of 20,400.