Jessica chobot dating

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Jessica chobot dating

Diana is a potential romance option for both male and female Commander Shepard.On Shepard's first visit to the Citadel, Diana can be seen at the lounge of Normandy Dock: Bay D24 attempting to extract information from Normandy ensign Copeland.Allers requests some interviews after a few key events.The first interview takes place after the mission on Tuchanka.Diana asks Shepard's opinion on people who think humanity is starting another Rachni War or Krogan Rebellions, which Shepard duly explains by saying that the current situation is very different from that of the Krogan Rebellions.If Urdnot Wrex is the krogan clan chief, she also asks whether Shepard is aware that the krogan are petitioning the Council for rights to an embassy and a colony world, to which Shepard can either agree on the negotiation or end the interview.

In another aftermission lull, Allers answers Traynor's question on why war reporters look very feminine: Research actually showed that asari pay more attention, salarians relate more to high-pitched voices, and turians prove to be loyal viewers but write the creepiest fan mail.She leaves a substantial donation to the University of Milgrom's Rossberg School of Journalism.Shepard can ask Allers to focus on one of two broad topics of interest during her stay aboard the Normandy: rallying support for Earth, or reporting on Cerberus shenanigans.Shepard may choose whether to allow her to join the crew.Once onboard, she takes up residence in the starboard cargo bay.

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And when the fight is over, and my signal goes out on tightbeam, people are going to come together from all over the galaxy. She replies that her story is easy enough to do later.

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