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Once the Windows Azure Service Bus connection string is configured, simply press F5 in Visual Studio.

The web project will run in IIS Express, while the add-in is deployed to Share Point.

This is done to facilitate easy debugging using Windows Azure Service Bus.

The same code works while debugging locally as well as when the add-in is deployed to production.

Regardless of what I tried, I really couldn't track down exactly why it was getting fired twice.

In my case, users do not load documents directly to the site.Checkout Overview of Share Point webhooks to learn more about webhooks.Also note that several webhook samples are available from the sp-dev-samples Git Hub repository.To execute the sample, first change the Share Point URL to a valid Share Point environment configured for apps. Event Receivers add-in project and choose Properties to reveal the Share Point tab.Scroll down to ensure a Windows Azure Service Bus connection string is configured. For more information on Remote Event Receiver debugging, see the section “Debugging Remote Events” at RER.