Invalidating a european patent

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Neither eligible to vote in electionsnor eligible to stand for electionare judges who have been seconded to another court for more than three months, who have been on leave for more than three months or who have been seconded to an administrative authority.(3) The electionshall be direct and secret.

The persons receiving the most votes shall be deemed elected.

The statutory instrument issued pursuant to the first sentence may stipulate that the judges of the Regional Court also be scheduled for standby duty.

Section21g(2) The ruling shall specify, prior to the beginning of the business year and for the latter’s duration, the principles governing the participation of the members in the proceedings; it may only be amended if this becomes necessary due to the excessive or insufficient workload, transfer or prolonged absence of individual members of the adjudicating body.(4) Where a professional judge is unable to be present at the time of the ruling, his place shall be taken by the deputy designated in the roster allocating court business.(6) The professional judges affected by the ruling shall be given an opportunity to be heard before it is given.Section22a Section22b(2) If it is necessary for a judge at a Local Court to be temporarily represented by a judge at another court, the presidium of the Regional Court shall designate a judge in its district to represent the Local Court judge for no longer than two months.(4) In the case of Local Courts where the president of another Local Court is responsible for general supervision of service, the presidium of the other Local Court shall be competent in the cases of subsections(1) and (2) and its president shall be competent in the case of subsection(3).table of contents(1) The Land governments shall be authorised to issue statutory instruments providing that a joint standby duty schedule be compiled for several Local Courts in the district of one Regional Court or that a single Local Court handle standby duty business, either entirely or partially, if this is advisable in order to ensure a more equitable distribution of standby duty assignments among the judges.The judges of the Local Courts designated in the first sentence shall be scheduled for standby duty.The decision shall be binding upon the court to which the dispute has been referred in respect of the admissibility of the recourse.(4) The decision pursuant to subsections(2) and (3) may be given without an oral hearing. The immediate complaint (sofortige Beschwerde) shall be available against the decision pursuant to the provisions of the respective applicable code of procedure.The participants shall only be entitled to lodge a complaint against a decision of a higher regional court at the highest federal court if this has been admitted in the decision.

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Provision for other electionprocedures for the electionto the presidium may be made by Land law.

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