Intimidating text messages

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Intimidating text messages

(Sidebar – who keeps a spare key underneath their doormat? Emily got herself into some serious danger when she found herself alone with Nate, who was later revealed to be named Lyndon, and was Maya’s actual killer.

She eventually had to act in self defense in a really dramatic episode.

This was definitely the one and only time the Liars went to the police.

Moments before this text came through, Uber “A” took control of the fireplace in Lucas’s apartment and gave Aria some serious third-degree burns.

Sullivan about everything that went down in the dollhouse.

However, they quickly backed out of it (obviously) when they receive this text message, along with a photo of Sara Harvey sleeping.

Of all methods of communication, “A” definitely prefers text messages, and has recently even embraced the use of emoji to add that certain je ne sais quoi to those electronic threats. Of course “A” knew her every move and was ready to use that against her any way she could.

Remember, this was back when Emily was having a hard time coming out, so these taunting texts about her newfound relationship were especially upsetting to her.“A” sent this to Hanna along with the photo booth printout of Emily and Maya kissing.

After Ali’s memorial was trashed, Emily appeared looking completely muddy and stressed out when she received this text from “A.” Of course, it was later revealed to be Lucas who trashed Ali’s memorial.

Kenneth Di Laurentis received this cryptic card from Charlotte, after he swore to Alison that his third child did not exist. Di Laurentis was basically the world’s worst father.)During season 4, Spencer was convinced that she might have killed Ali – and Mrs. One night, Spencer found a pile of dirt in her bed with this accompanying message. To make this message even scarier, it was written on the bottom of the plastic triangle that accompanies the Ouija Board.

So, back in season 1, the girls thought that Ali might have been killed with Ian’s trophy because it was covered in blood.

But after they turned it over to the police, they found out that the blood was actually rat’s blood.

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