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The penalty is 10 to 25 years in prison, up to a ,000 fine, or both if (1) force is used and the victim is under age 16 or (2) the victim is under age 13 and the actor is more than two years older.The penalty plus a period of special parole must equal at least 10 years in prison.*^ degree sexual assault and (1) possesses or represents that he possesses a weapon, (2) intentionally injures the victim, (3) negligently causes the victim serious physical injury, or (4) has help from at least two other people who are present (CGS 53a-70a).For the purpose of both sections, “sexual harassment” means any unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors or any conduct of a sexual nature when (1) submission is explicitly or implicitly an employment term or condition, (2) submission or rejection is the basis for employment decisions affecting the person, or (3) the conduct substantially interferes with a person By law institutions of higher education must maintain security policies and procedures, including procedures for reporting incidents of sexual harassment.

In lawsuits seeking damages for personal injuries to minors, courts cannot order, as part of a judgment or settlement agreement, parties to refrain from disclosing information regarding sexual abuse or assault to the DCF commissioner or law enforcement agencies (CGS 52-231b). The statute of limitations for prosecuting any offense involving sexual abuse, sexual assault, or sexual exploitation of a minor is 30 years after the date the victim reaches age 18, or within five years after the date the victim notifies law enforcement of the offense, whichever is earlier (CGS 54-193a). The Court Support Services Division must work with other experts to develop programs for notifying neighborhoods and municipalities when a registered sexual offender is or will be residing in the community.Sexual harassment is consistently defined, sexual abuse is not defined, and sexual assault is usually defined by a reference to the penal code citation for a specific sexual assault crime.Where the terms are defined, we have included the definitions.First, the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) can require employers of at least three people to post, in a prominent and accessible location, information concerning the illegality of sexual harassment and remedies available to its victims.CHRO can require employers of 50 or more people to provide sexual harassment training (CGS 46a-54).

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The mandatory minimum sentence is five years in prison, except if force is used and the victim is under age 16, the mandatory minimum sentence is 20 years in prison.