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It's clearly an area of contention considering she felt the need to ask. "It is virtually impossible for two people to be that discreet.” This assumes that it's the kind of environment that requires it to be discreet, which is addressed in the next answer. I am pretty sure that everyone can feel it when there is something going down. There is a huge difference between a law firm and a restaurant, and even then there is a difference between The Hamilton and BTS. What if you have to reprimand a lower-ranked employee for a work concern... Working in the same place as yourmeans you don’t have to carve out any extra time to see them, and they totally understand your complaints about your job and your schedule.So, I took an unofficial survey to feel out the scene. Couples either overdo it and ignore each other, or way-to-obviously exchange sly smiles and "accidentally" keep bumping into each other. Of course if there is a power differential that's a whole new ballpark. As for me, I just think it would add a lot of unnecessary drama.

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A friend of mine recently asked me for my opinion on her dating a new coworker. Others saw a complexity in handling actual work issues when the person you're supposed to go to is someone you have a very different kind of relationship with. People find it sexy to be sneaky; pretty sure I read that in Cosmo at some point and pretty sure the person who gave me this response also had. The workplace may be a little different because it is supposed to be separate from your personal life, but as long as you can in fact successfully keep it separate I think this point is great. "It’s super convenient.” This came directly from someone who had a workplace relationship.

For the most part, I see it as a case-by-case kind of issue.

Here’s to hoping my friend goes for it and it works out in her favor.

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The delete screen starts starts with the classic trick of showing a big blue button that says "Stay on Hot or Not" with a small gray link below it that says Delete Account (trying to get you to accidentally click the big blue button instead).