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Hitoff dating

The company is moving from a fundamental research stage into a practical research stage.

Their technology may open the path to clean nuclear transmutation technology.

" ( "Radioactivity Deactivation at High Temperature in an Applied DC Voltage Field Demonstrated in 1964".

Larry Geer & Cecil Baumgartner, years ago, Otto Reifenschweiler was searching for a compound which could protect Geiger-Mueller tubes from damage when they are first ionised.

Monti's method was similar to the method worked on in the summer of 1992.

He could reduce the activity from 900 cpm to about 100 cpm in four days of a series of sudden heatings.

The scattered quotes below are from "Half-Life (more or less)", by Davide Castelvecchi, Science News, Nov 22, 2008, p. So the sun may have been affecting the rate of decay, possibly through some physical mechanism that had never before been observed." "The closer to the sun, the denser the shower of neutrinos." "If the results are confirmed, and nuclear decay is not immutable, perhaps physicists could find a way to speed it up to help get rid of waste from nuclear power plants." "About 7 percent fewer solar neutrinos hit detectors when Earth is furthest from the sun, compared with when it's closest, says Arthur B. Once they are actually inside the Sun and have mixed with the solar material for a long time, they will presumably reach a new neutrino/atomic decay equilibrium relationship and become stable.

See Advanced Atomic Energy Converters and Some Thought Provoking Issues for some thoughts on how neutrinos might be involved somehow in long term elemental instabilities. Rubinstein, submitted , If "solar neutrinos impact decay rates on Earth", this should not be hard to investigate with spacecraft.Possibilities of de-naturing radioactive wastes appears and have been further developed by Monti and separately by Hal Fox (2003)." "The History Of The Discovery Of Transmutation At Texas A&M University", J. Bockris, Molecular Green Technology, College Station, Texas 77845, Revised Version, 6th of August, 2003 "Cool solution to waste disposal" (2006; Claus Rolfs, Ruhr University) "Half-life heresy: Accelerating radioactive decay", Aussiegirl (2006) extraordinary claims of Dr. "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has established technology based on a low-energy nuclear reaction concept of the transmutation of elements.For example, the transmutation of cesium was experimentally confirmed to increase, by an atomic number of four, to praseodymium, without the use of a large-scale nuclear reactor or accelerator.But there's a huge problem with speculation that solar neutrinos could impact decay rates on Earth: "Radiometric Dating: Is the 'Decay Constant' Constant? Whether this has any implications for "global warming" or other geologic changes is not clear, but it is a loose end that should be given some expert consideration."Radioactive isotope decay rate or half-life can be increased or decreased as needed to deactivate radioactivity or to increase shelf life of radioactive isotopes.

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