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Sources say he cut the romance short because Moore proved to be too much of a “distraction.” That’s right, we said “distraction.” Are you a fan of Demi Moore?Demi Moore is reportedly dating Peter Morton, the father of her ex-boyfriend, Harry.Ian also suffers from epilepsy and has no-good medication for it.He doesn't know how to handle the feelings he has for Debbie and Annik and the pressure the popularity of Joy Division and the energy performing costs him.This is not the eyewitness account of a couple on their fifth date, after they’ve already slept together but when they still want to impress each other.This is not only giving me Situation vibes (for real), but it’s also giving me blind date vibes.I do have to wonder if Demi looks at this as a serious relationship.It’s not easy to maintain relationships when you’re constantly in the spotlight, and it’s especially weird to date the father of your ex-boyfriend.

In early 2012 she was hospitalized over alleged substance abuse and months later it was claimed that she and her daughters, who are all fathered by actor Bruce Willis, were not on speaking terms.

Morton’s family made a fortune with the Hard Rock Cafe chain, but Harry is best known for his brief romance with Lindsay Lohan back in 2006.

For two months, Morton and Lohan were an item before the former called it quits over all the troubled actress’s drama. She’s not yet divorced from Ashton Kutcher, but stirred up the gossip hounds after a brief romance late last year with 26-year-old art dealer Vito Schnabel.

No matter what the ‘source’ says, I’m sure Harry feels weird about it.

What do you guys think about Demi dating 66-year-old Peter Morton?

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Inside, Aniston looked relaxed in white jeans and a simple black tank top, while the man wore a white black shirt and dark pants.

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