Half life dating fossils

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Jump forward to 2015, and the fossil was still a mystery.

Nobody could explain what could make perfect circles in the sea bed 450 million years ago.

Digging also revealed fossilized hand-prints that were much bigger than any human hand print.

The most interesting find, however, was the skulls.

Here is a stone doll that was at least a million and a half years older, with ornate designs that were clearly carved by hand.

The right arm is even cemented to the doll, showing clear signs of artistic workmanship.

When they began digging, they discovered hundreds of ancient artifacts, along with huge bones that looked human, but that had to come from people nearly ten feet tall.

The site garnered intense interest, and soon amateur archaeologists and paleontologists swarmed the area, discovering more huge bones that seemingly came from giants.

Other Indian tribes throughout the United States tell a similar story.

If that's not a movie in the next five years, humanity has officially failed itself.

Everyone knows that the dinosaurs died out from a giant asteroid collision, but few people know that the dinosaur extinction was not the only — or even the worst — mass extinction that our planet faced.

Most people don't think of Idaho as a hotspot for archaeological mysteries, but it's actually the home of a mysterious figure that remains unexplained.

The figure was dug up in 1889 when workers were digging a well in Nampa, Idaho, right outside of Boise.

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The skulls are now held at a nearby museum, providing evidence that the Native American legend might be real.