Gridview updating database

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What checking this checkbox does is add a Command Field to the Grid View's field list.The Command Field is a column that shows Edit-related or Delete-related buttons, depending on its property settings.The Data Grid View can display data in Bound mode, unbound mode and Virtual mode .Bound mode is suitable for managing data using automatic interaction with the data store.

In this article we will look at using the Grid View control to update data, although the Data List, Details View, and Form View controls are also suitable choices. NET 2.0 introduces three new data Web controls: the Grid View, the Details View, and the Form View.Future installments will explore more advanced updating scenarios, such as customizing the Grid View's editing interface and programmatically setting the updated values. The UPDATE Table Name SET Column Name1 = @Parameter Value1 Column Name2 = @Parameter Value2 ... NET, like how to insert, delete and update record in Grid View control. Here, I’m explaining how to work with Grid View control in ASP.

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For example, to let a visitor edit a database record you first need to let them choose which record to edit.

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