Gi wheeler dating fanfiction captain planet

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Gi wheeler dating fanfiction captain planet

But no, this is another mindscrew episode that makes no sense, and makes the moral come off as even more ridiculous.So, it's time to drop the population bomb on everyone, and it's time to review this thing.And because he's an idiot for surfing in the middle of a storm, he gets lost, and crashes on another island.An island that is polluted so bad that it melts his windsurfer. The rats blast him with their lasers, knocking him out.After giving the building his "seal of approval" (because he sealed up the broken piece, get it?It's funny because Ted Turner), Captain Planet then complains that there are far too many people in the city, and that the planet is essentially screwed if there are too many people in it. Maybe how to plant more trees, or how we should keep our oceans clean? So, what is Captain Planet going to teach us today?

And in our travels, we've seen the planeteers deal with everything that the target 7 year old demographic are ready to deal with. But at least if the episode was well balanced out, maybe it could be a fair plot about the dangers of too many people, and not just scare tactics propaganda like this show usually displays.The ride is almost over and you have not tried to kiss me yet.From out of the Earth comes Captain Planet, a blue-skinned, green-haired, and brown-eyed super-eco-hero clad in red.It also appears to be home to a tiny city, but not only a tiny city... Things take a weird Gulliver's Travels-esque turn as Wheeler is tied up, on a conveyor belt with a pile of fish, and about to be chopped up.You know, I don't take drugs or nothin', but this already feels trippy as all hell.

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Using his heart ring to, I guess, predict the future, Ma-Ti discovers that part of a building is about to fall, and potentially crush the civilians below.

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