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They were hard-working—both had part-time jobs in addition to running the store—and prioritized education.

Their neighbour of 42 years, Francesco Dilorenzo, says they were perfect neighbours: “They’re very good people, beautiful people.

Junor and Persaud had recently purchased a four-bedroom detached house in Brampton, which they hoped to fill with children.

Christmas was two weeks away, and Junor was looking forward to hosting 35 family members for their first Christmas in the new home.

Her parents, Chandrabhan and Jasmattee, had arrived a few years earlier with their two other children—a boy, Narine, and a girl, Chandrawattee—and had left their youngest, Rohinie, in the care of a relative back in Guyana.

Once they’d settled in and scraped together some savings, they bought a three-storey brick house near Woodbine and Danforth, and Rohinie came to join the family shortly thereafter. In the mid-’80s, the Bisesars opened Sandra’s and Chico’s, a small clothing store on the Danforth a few blocks from their home that’s now sandwiched between a storefront law office and a Chinese restaurant.

The ex, whom I’ll call Geoffrey, agreed to be interviewed on the condition of anonymity.She apparently had little time for after-school fun.Like her siblings, she was expected to work in the family store in her free time.Throughout, she lived at home, where she felt increasingly suffocated.Her father disapproved of her wearing makeup, despite the fact that she was by this point in her late 20s.

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As she arrived at the store, she got a phone call from a friend, who announced she’d just accepted a new job. Meanwhile, security tapes show a petite woman in a business suit and lavender dress shirt walking calmly out of the store. TERROR UNDERGROUND: On December 11, police responded to a call at the Shoppers below the TD Bank Tower.