Funny dating rituals

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Funny dating rituals

Their relationship blossomed, but doubts crept up on both of them now and again.Josh was the primary caregiver for a child from a previous marriage, and his financial prospects were dim.Wouldn't we expect these changing relationship mores to make a dent in the mating preferences of straight men and women?Or are we still at the mercy of our biological destiny, as evolutionary psychologists claim?

The trend is directly tied to increasing gender equality, as women gain greater access to resources and opportunities in business, politics, and education.

Regrettably, traditional gender roles persist even in very egalitarian societies.

In one Danish study, husbands whose wives out-earned them were more likely than other husbands to use erectile dysfunction medication.

To be fair, evolutionary psychologists acknowledge that cultural factors and local customs can affect how people choose their partners.

But gender equality isn't considered to be one of these factors, since even in relatively gender-equal societies, the gap between men and women's preferences is only reduced, not eliminated.

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