Frequency of sex in dating couples

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Frequency of sex in dating couples

Tip: Many things besides romance can keep partners bonded: security, family, illness or even habit. More than 70,000 people have completed The Normal Bar's online survey.

But if you're among those who would not rechoose your partner, ask yourself what might make you feel differently. The results on these pages are drawn from the responses of the 8,240 participants who indicated being age 50 or older.

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Tip: A squeeze of the hand can add a vital charge of connectivity to a well-worn partnership.

38 percent of couples do not kiss passionately at all anymore, but 74 percent of the happiest couples exchange passionate kisses at least once a week. So set the stage at least once a week: lights low, music playing, maybe even a dance in the kitchen. More than a quarter of men say they aren't having enough sex, while a quarter of women don't have the lifestyle they'd hoped for.

Tip: If you haven't been able to reignite your relationship on your own, see a sex therapist.

The American Association of Sex Educators can help you find a qualified practitioner in your area. Three out of four — 72 percent of respondents — say yes. Sometimes recognizing problems and openly dealing with them can create new appreciation for your partner.

Read on for a look at 14 survey questions, think about how you would answer and see how you stack up with the results thus far. (See the sidebar below to learn how.) 32 percent of men and 48 percent of women say no.

The sight of a lip-locked couple generally makes other people happy — and shows that deep affection and love can thrive in long relationships.

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