Eharmony dating burnout

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If you’re in it for the long haul, try to spend time with each other’s families over the holidays.To avoid family-exhaustion, add in a few mini-escapes from your parents’ houses: go for a walk, offer to run errands together, or sneak a coffee date in the middle of the day. When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to go to double the parties and double the family events. You might end up decorating both of your apartments. Be intentional about carving out some time and space for yourself to recharge — especially if you’re an introvert — to avoid holiday burnout.And finding the perfect gift for someone you don’t know well can be a huge stress-inducer.Instead, take the pressure off and go out for dinner instead of exchanging gifts. Don’t: Invite your date to your family Christmas — yet.Or give your date a small thoughtful token without expectation that he’ll give you anything in return. If you’re at a stage where you’re comfortable bringing each other as dates to parties — predetermine if you’ll use the term “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” so you know how to make introductions — let the person who’s new to the group dictate when to leave. Until you’re pretty serious about the relationship, put bringing your partner to big family functions on hold.(If you really want your parents to meet her, consider arranging meeting up for hot chocolate or coffee at some point during the holidays.) Stick with your respective families on Christmas Day. Do: Spend time with each other’s families — with intentional breaks.

Find ways to give back and volunteer in your community. But don’t let your own relationship status consume you this holiday season. The grass is always greener — or perhaps the snow is always whiter? Don’t make assumptions about family functions, office parties or exchanging gifts.

Sugar wrapped in plastic communicating love now speak of resurrected life. And what about those who, like my husband and I, have largely kissed sugar good-bye (for the most part…dark chocolate still carries weight with me and on me and yes, I’m on a journey toward acceptance of all that).

Pastel bunnies and foil-wrapped chocolate eggs are lacing the shelves that just days earlier kissed us with the sweetest messages on candy hearts.

With “sugar free” not being a tasty option (for us), it is less obvious how marketers suggest we share our celebration and expression of love and hope. We find sunny tropical beach vacations advertised with flawless tanned couples smiling, twirling each other around with the promise of luxurious days reconnecting.

(Clearly they resisted the candy aisle during February and live where sun shines on their skin even in winter months.

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Sit down with your date and ask them about their plans, traditions and expectations for the coming weeks.

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