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A slightly revised version of the framework has since been published (Knafl, Deatrick, & Havill, 2012).Following the development of an initial set of items, further development efforts included review of items by experts in family nursing research as well as parents of children with varied chronic conditions (Knafl et al., 2007). It is made available through this website for use in research and clinical practice. Fa MM can be used in its entirety or selected scales can be used.The FMSF evolved through a series of qualitative studies and integrative reviews.The FMSF incorporates the views of individual family members to conceptualize overall family response to a health-related condition.The eight dimensions (Child Identity, Illness View, Management Mindset, Parental Mutuality, Parenting Philosophy, Management Approach, Family Focus, and Future Expectations) were derived both from our research and the literature (Knafl & Deatrick, 1990; 2003; Knafl et al. Although these dimensions are theoretically distinct, they would be expected to be associated with each other to some degree.The 2003 article by Knafl and Deatrick provides a detailed description of the conceptual dimensions of the FMSF and was used to develop Fa MM items.Two items are positively scored; three are reverse coded. Validity and reliability of Korean version of the Family Management Measure (Korean Fa MM) for families with children having chronic illness.

Data from the Fa MM contributes to clinicians’ and researchers’ ability to understand family functioning in the context of childhood chronic conditions.There are five summated scales for all parents measuring the dimensions of Child’s Daily Life, Condition Management Ability, Condition Management Effort, Family Life Difficulty, and View of Condition Impact as well as a sixth scale only for partnered parents measuring the dimension of Parental Mutuality. Odessa, FL: Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc. Higher scores on three of the scales (Child’s Daily Life, Condition Management Ability, Parental Mutuality) indicate greater ease in managing the child’s condition. By measuring key aspects of family management, the Fa MM provides a more precise understanding of factors that support or impede optimal child and family functioning.It is anticipated that the Fa MM will be used in conjunction with other measures of family and family member functioning to further the development interventions that enhance the family’s ability to incorporate family management into everyday family life in a way that promotes both family and family member wellbeing.

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Based on input from experts and parents, a 65 item preliminary version of the Fa MM was developed. Short, homogeneous versions of the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale. If you do use the Fa MM in your research and clinical practice, we ask that you send us a copy of any publications reporting your work.

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