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This selection is based on features like picture quality, composition and safety of the person displayed.

If you connect Your Account to Facebook Connect, the pictures will be selected from the last ten pictures you posted on your Facebook profile.

While still on our waiting list, we save the Personal Data you have provided us with.

If you want to be removed from our waiting list and want us to erase your Personal Data – please send us an email via Only if you are approved as a member of The Inner Circle, Your Account will be visible for other members via the App and Website.

Your first name will be the identity by which you are known on our dating platform.

The description of yourself, your wishes concerning a partner and basic information about yourself (such as age, height, profession) will be accessible via Your Account.

If other members have also used Facebook Connect or Linked In Connect, you may see which mutual connections you and other members have.

You can also choose to share your geolocation, which will enable you to see which other members of The Inner Circle are nearby at a particular moment.

Furthermore you can read for which purposes and on which legal grounds we use your Personal Data and how you can exercise your privacy rights.

When creating Your Account, it is necessary to upload pictures of yourself and to select an account picture.

We use an external face recognition tool to automatically select the best pictures for Your Account.

offensive or aggressive language, or unlawful use of our platform for advertisements or link-building.

Also see the enumeration under the heading “Restrictions on information and content” in our We may also process non-Personal Data whenever you interact with our Website or App.

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Photographs taken at events organized by us may be used for promotional purposes.

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