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For others, it will help open their eyes to different ways to love.

And for some, our story will make them feel less alone.

It’s hard to break something that human that married us was named angel, but he was far from the only angel present. this husband now had a wife, and this wife now had a husband. It was a weekday afternoon, he came to my place to dump a dead mouse from a trap that I was too terrified to do myself (gotta love New York).

I said, “finally.” And just like that, we were “engaged.”not thinking it would be an issue in the least, we just walked in.

Here we are, the day I dreamed of yet not the day I imagined, and I couldn’t be happier.

Plenty won’t understand it, something I’m gradually learning to accept.

Maybe that’s why the business of divorce is booming, too. although we did jump in the pickup truck with our puppies and sat in traffic for hours heading upstate, we decided to spend the weekend post-nuptials writing this piece. Bethany’s inspiring approach to wellness shifts the focus from how we look to how we feel, helping to redefine the intention for why we move.

But when I imagined marrying Nico, we were the only two in the vision. not to exploit our union, but simply to share a piece of our love story with the hope of shedding light and inspiring other nontraditional relationships.

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